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At My Kinship Travel, we help Organisations offer fund raising trips and tours to their network of contacts. We ensure that these trips and tours are communicated as if they are wholly organised by your Organisation, whilst we work hard behind the scenes to support and make everything happen. In order to provide the best assistance possible, we provide our clients with a MKT Marketing Pack that is branded to the Organisation for distribution to interested parties.

We’ll take care of everything on behalf or organisations that wish to offer fund raising trips to their network of contacts. We make the entire process of planning, booking and travel as straightforward as possible and are on-hand to assist every step of the way. We carefully look after the travel management needs on behalf of Not For Profits and Charities, leaving you take care of those things that matter most to you.

All trips/tours run on behalf or organisations come with a dedicated travel manager who takes the time to fully understands your business.

We like to offer trips that are limited to a maximum of just 20 guests and as low as 12 for some tours. By keeping numbers to optimum levels, our smaller group sizees mean you spend less time waiting and more time enjoying! From experience, hotel check-ins, comfort stops, meals with a small group makes everything is easier and faster, maximising the time you spend enjoying your trip. Single travellers are welcome on all our trips and make up a fair number of our passengers. A single supplement is applicable on all single room bookings.

If you are interested to finding out more about how we can help arrange a fund raising trip on behalf of your organisation, we’d love to chat. Simply complete our enquiry form on this website and we’ll get straight back in touch.

Journey Testimonials

  • “Loved it. We have done a few similar trips over the years in WA and this one certainly was up to scratch. One of the criticisms we sometimes have is the length of time waiting for everyone to board transport between locations. Well, the ‘sheep herding’ was handled really well and we felt that the whole trip had good momentum. I’d book with My Kinship Travel again”.

    Yvonne C

    on the ‘loop’ trip

  • “Just wanted to say what an excellent trip, well organised and thoroughly enjoyable. Nothing was too much trouble – just the way I like it on a break!”

    Jenny B

    from the Kimberley Wilderness journey

  • “I wasn’t too sure what to expect when I booked this but our adventure was simply great. I’d do it all again. Highly recommended”

    Travis G

    on the Kimberley Wilderness journey

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